What is Think.Plan.Live ?

“Think. Plan. Live. is a workbook designed to take you on a practical and pragmatic journey, complete with tried and tested strategic frameworks, tools and practical advice that will stimulate your own thinking so that you can confidently design a best life plan for yourself as unique to you as your fingerprint.

The chapters are laid out in a 6-step approach to define your Who, What, With, Why, Where and When, giving you all the stimulus, encouragement and practical tools you need to rediscover your strengths, values and passions, and to help you steer yourself back on track or to find a new path. After completing these steps, the book explores in more detail how you can integrate your learnings into your life, career and leadership style.”

What is a Life Fingerprint?

For Life Design to really, really work it has to be personalized and tailored 100% to you. There is way too much pressure out there to live up to the unrealistic expectations or judgements put upon us – often unwittingly – by others. A foundation principle of best life definition and design is that the only judge of whether you are living your best life or not is you, and only you.

I came to the realisation through coaching and mentoring hundreds of people that no two lives on the planet are the same. We each have our own Life Fingerprint, and just as no two ngerprints are the same, your best life is completely unique to you. It is created from knowing who you are, what you love doing (that is, your purpose), and what people, places or careers bring out the best in you.