19 Best Cloud Backup Services Reviewed August 2023

This is useful for businesses with remote workers or individuals who need to access their data while on the go. With automated backup, users can focus on their businesses while knowing that their data is always secure, even without remembering to perform manual backups. Businesses can also leverage CrashPlan’s advanced backup and protection capabilities, such as endpoint data protection, file sharing and collaboration, and data migration. This includes setting permissions for shared files, tracking activity and revisions, and recovering deleted files. IDrive offers a free plan for basic usage and multiple pricing plans to accommodate business and personal use cases. So, along with the whole unlimited devices thing, IDrive allows you to back up storage devices and physical and virtual servers, including Windows, Linux, Oracle, and VMWare.

best cloud backup services for business

The service is also known for its ease of use, simple setups, and automatic backups. However, there are other problems found with this particular online backup service provider. Second, there is no available mobile application unlike in the case of the majority of the best cloud backup service providers found in this list. Third, best cloud backup services for business there are limited features in the basic subscription plans of Carbonite which makes it more expensive in the short run when compared to other best online backup service providers. Fourth, both the upload and download speeds of Carbonite are way much slower than most of the competitors in the best cloud backup industry.

Collaboration Features

We’ve read complaints regarding the lack of metadata—the details about a file, such as when it was created or last opened—included with restored files. In our tests, we found that both Backblaze and IDrive did not restore metadata such as file ownership and permissions, the creation date, and (for Mac owners) Finder tags and comments. Arq Premium does a better job at retaining most metadata in our experience. While many people are barely aware of the existence of this metadata, others, and some of the apps they use, depend heavily on it.

best cloud backup services for business

It is not all the time that best online backup service providers are being given this level of rating. First and foremost, SOS Online Backup uses a Triple-Layer 256-bit AES Encryption technology. You should really take note of this because there is a huge difference between an ordinary 256-bit key AES encryption and a Triple-Layer 256-bit key AES encryption capability. In terms of privacy and security measures, SOS Online Backup is indeed commendable. We looked at everything from price and storage space to security and scalability, selecting three services we think are best for specific business needs.

Top Three Cloud Backup Providers for Business

Look for a provider with active customer support so you can get help whenever needed. We’ve combed through cloud backup providers, researched their features, and read way too many reviews. But, it was all in the name of finding the top three providers for cloud backup for business. On the downside, it can take a lot longer to retrieve your data, and it’s not easy to quickly share files you’ve backed up to cold storage with other people. We also analyze if the online backup provider has client-side encryption as a means of data protection. Listed below are the full details of the criteria for evaluating the rankings of the best cloud backup services we have reviewed.

  • But if you created an IDrive account before then, IDrive doesn’t have this feature.
  • Afterward, those file copies are pushed to all of the devices you set up sync for, which allows you to access them.
  • However, we like that Backblaze offers restore-by-mail options, which are handy if you have a slow internet connection and need to restore a big chunk of data.
  • The tool protects data from any threat and natively integrates data protection and cybersecurity.
  • At the end of the day, there’s a reason why BigMIND is all the way at the bottom of the list.
  • Organizations can also use the public cloud as a storage target and migrate workloads dynamically to the public cloud and for DR purposes.

Sixth, we rank the
best cloud backup companies based on how
easy each of the online backup systems can be used. Seventh, we actually
assess the best cloud backup services based on the additional features they can offer to the user. Last but definitely
not the least, we also assess whether or not the online cloud backup provider
is compatible with mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. The company supports multiple devices, including Android and iOS, and maintains the security of your data by using 256-bit AES encryption. IDrive offers tiered backup plans for its business customers, starting at 250 GB and going up to 12.5 TB for larger operations.

Main things to know before choosing storage solutions for small business

With an online backup service, purchasing and maintaining hardware is unnecessary, as the provider handles everything in their infrastructure. Even the best cloud backup services can have issues from time to time, and when you need to recover, you’ll need support. That’s why choosing a solution that offers reliable customer support is essential. As a new client, you should receive onboarding and training, plus ongoing training for new members of your team, as well as on-demand training, to review topics and reinforce procedures. The benefit of direct-to-cloud backup solutions is they eliminate the cost, complexity, and management required with local appliances. Backing up to a secure, encrypted cloud removes the risk of physical damage to on-site devices during natural disasters and in the event of hardware failures and human error.

best cloud backup services for business

We tested the best VPN services — focusing on the number of servers, ability to unlock streaming services, and more — to determine a No. 1 overall. CrashPlan provides excellent customer support through various channels such as live chat, phone support, and email. They also offer comprehensive documentation and FAQs on their website to help you troubleshoot any issues that may https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ arise. Another standout feature is Datto’s Inverse Chain Technology, which simplifies the backup process by eliminating the need for traditional incremental backups. Instead, each new backup is directly dependent on the previous one, reducing complexity and improving overall performance. The backup interface allows you to set when and how often you back up your computers.

The 11 Best Cloud Backup Services for Business

In this manner, there will be no way for the hackers of the servers and data centers to decrypt the files that were previously sent. It is the reason why the zero-knowledge protocol is possible with this particular cloud backup service provider. The cloud backup provider also has mobile applications for both Android and IOS devices. As a matter of fact, you only need to pay €6.99 per month to get 500 GB cloud backup space. Based on the complete criteria for judging a cloud backup service provider, BigMIND has garnered a score of 89%. Read the full BigMIND Review to learn more about the cloud backup service.

IDrive is a cloud backup and storage solution allowing individuals and businesses to store and protect their data remotely. It provides various features, including backup and restore for multiple devices, automatic syncing, file sharing and collaboration, and secure access to files from any location. These are the main reasons why Backblaze is considered to be at the bottom part of the list for best online backup services. It ranked 11th out of the 16 best cloud backup service providers that I was able to test thoroughly and judiciously. If we look at the overall performance of Backblaze as one of the best online backup service providers, it got a 73% performance rating across 8 key performance indicators. In terms of privacy and security, this best online backup service uses the RAID-5 system as part of the cloud backup system’s disk parity and disk striping protocols.

Backblaze Business

We looked at the features and the quality of service of the cloud backup services when we reviewed them. With a comprehensive list of features, iDrive is one of the best cloud storage options for businesses. It offers real-time syncing, backups of multiple devices, support for older file versions, and 30-day retention for deleted files. While you may be enticed with the unlimited cloud backup subscription package of Backblaze, there is a major flaw in the cloud backup service agreement. You might actually wonder why an unlimited cloud backup space became self-limiting in the case of Backblaze.

This is an excellent feature that helps you implement the backup strategy. The price for Acronis Cloud Storage is not included in the licensing fee and needs to be purchased separately. This makes Acronis more expensive compared to the other backup services.


CrashPlan for Small Business is designed for organizational use, and while it used to be a favorite for home use, the pricing no longer makes sense for most people. The software has also lagged behind most of the competition, and we’ve seen reports of slow uploads, downloads, and poor support. Arq Premium’s account management is pretty simple, but we do like that auto-renewal is opt-in as opposed to automatic. Otherwise, the web interface is minimal; you can also check your current storage use and delete a computer’s backups there, but that’s it. Arq Premium gives you full control over how backups run, when they run, where files go, how long it keeps files, and more.

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