What is ?
Syntegrate is a way of thinking and a strategic methodology to solve problems worth solving to create solutions that make a difference.
The unique Syntegrate framework applies art and science with left and right brain thinking alongside energy and passion. At  we use a blend of strategy, consultancy and coaching to solve problems worth solving.




What do we apply approach to?
Life design is the foundation. We build leadership and an inclusive culture on this foundation.
At Syntegrate we work in partnership with individuals and organisations in three areas. These areas are highly inter-connected. Life Design, the foundation, is discovering your unique life fingerprint which discovers your strengths and values and what brings you energy, and amplifies these in your life. Your unique life fingerprint is important to how you lead. Leadership is about what defines your authentic leadership and how you use that to drive results and bring out the best in your teams.  Great leadership underpins building diverse teams and an Inclusive Culture that harness not only your own leadership strengths but the strengths of all members of the team.

Inclusive Culture

Building inclusive teams and cultures that incorporate individual strengths together with team goals to drive success through collaboration


Creating a shift towards the benefits of 21st Century leadership that is defined by inclusive and integrated leadership styles.

Life Design

Coaching senior leaders to build successful and sustainable careers and personal lives.

About Gill McLaren

.  I created Syntegrate out of a desire to drive simplicity into how complex problems are solved. It’s easy to make things complicated; it’s hard to make things simple. .
Gill McLaren is an experienced executive leader, innovator, speaker and sought after consultant and coach and the CEO and Founder of Syntegrate.

Syntegrate helps “Solve problems worth solving and make a difference”. The unique approach was created by adapting strategic planning approaches from the business world and applying them to problems worth solving in the 3 areas of: Life Design, Leadership and Shared Value.

The Syntegrate 3 step method combines business strategy, consultancy and coaching to bring about practical, pragmatic and positive change solutions both for individual leaders and leadership teams.