Increasing your Energy levels:  Discover your Energy Givers, Sloths and Vampires

We all have people and situations that give us energy or take energy away. Proactively managing our sources of energy is key to living your Best Life. Energy is the source of action, positive or negative, so it’s important to understand our unique sources of energy so we can keep ourselves topped up with positive […]


How much time will you spend on Strategic and Business Planning in 2018 and how much on your own Life Design?

As you finalise your 2018 business goals you will no doubt be spending time focusing on what you want to achieve for the year and what your KPIs are. In most business roles we spend three to six months of every year in strategic or business planning.  If I reflect on my own 30-year corporate […]


Discovering your unique Life Fingerprint™

  ‘Your life fingerprint is unique, you are the only person on the planet who has it. Its discovery holds the key to being who you really are, and that holds the key to greater happiness.’ Gill McLaren, Author THINK.PLAN.LIVE. What is a Unique Life Fingerprint? In the same way your fingerprint is unique, so too […]


Are you living your best life? Find out how 2018 could be your best year yet.

There is something powerfully reflective about the start of year new year and wondering “Is this as good as it gets? Am I really living the life I want from a career and family perspective?” A remarkably high number of people have these thoughts – you’ve probably had them yourself. Then life gets busy again, […]


Live your best life with 5 lessons we can learn from Albert Einstein on how to discover our E = mc2

I’ve had a realization…that the great Albert Einstein can not only teach us a lot about theoretical physics (after all he is one of the smartest people who ever lived). I have re-discovered him in a new light, applying his quotes (and mis-quotes) and words of wisdom to how we can find inspiration and live […]


Want to discover 24 hours of free time in a week? try using the TIME guide.

Do you feel like you are constantly juggling work and personal priorities? Are you feeling time stressed with not enough hours in your busy working week to get it all done? If the answer is yes to both these questions you can re assure yourself that you are completely normal! I find that 9 out […]