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Life Design has been developed using strategic planning and business problem solving
approaches known as the Syntegrate method. Syntegrate Life Design is a proven, highly
successful methodology that helps people to build successful careers and thriving personal
and family lives, true to who they really are, and in tune with their unique life fingerprint.

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Signing up to the Life Design portal will give you access to all three phases of Life Design and the 10 tools needed to complete your own personalised Life Design journey. It will take you on a journey to create the most important plan you will ever write, your own Life Plan.

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    What will I get in The Life Design Portal. ?

  • Access to the 10 Steps of Life Design in the form of online self diagnostic coaching and discovery tools for you to complete (see the overview of the tools below)
  • Each tool is accompanied by life design videos from Gill McLaren, creator of Syntegrate Life Design and author of the book:  Think. Plan. Live.  These coaching videos will support you to complete the tools and provide pointers on what to look for in your answers to guide your Life Design insight journey.
  • Printable PDF reports for each tool.
  • Access to the 6 Life Fingerprint reflective learning exercises to enable you to define your Who am I? What do I like doing? With…who do I like doing things with? Why…do I do what I do? Where…what places bring out the best in me? and When…is the right time.
  • The learning in Life Design is self paced, each tool takes on average 1 hour of reflection to complete it. Once completed you can re-enter and re-edit your answers as more ideas come to you. Access to the Life Design portal is for 90 days to allow you to complete a tool a week plus still have time to read back and hone your life plan at the end.

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About Gill


I created Syntegrate Life Design and wrote Think.Plan.Live. to help people to discover their unique Life Fingerprint and to define a best life try to who you are.

Gill McLaren is an international business leader who draws on her 30-year business career- including C-suite roles for Coca-Cola – to help people combine a successful career and thriving personal and family life to create a Best Life plan unique to you. Gill became so passionate about supporting others to make the most of their strengths and to be true to who they are that she left her corporate career to set up her business Syntegrate focused on just that. She has translated her own journey, and those of other executive leaders she has coached, into a set of practical tools and frameworks to help you discover and define your best life and unique Life Fingerprint™
Gill McLaren

Gill McLaren

Founder & CEO of Syntegrate