Welcome to Life Design.

Life Design has been developed using strategic planning and business problem solving approaches known as the Syntegrate method. You will apply this approach over three phases and through the 10 steps in the Life Design portal. This discovery methodology will help you develop the most important plan you will ever create, your own Life Plan.

Synthesis: is to first look at all the information from your life to date and create a Synthesis of this into patterns of recurring behaviours, attitudes, values, strengths, life highs and life lows.

Synergy: is about finding patterns in who you are and in life themes on what drives, inspires and energises you, and in what you attach greatest priority and importance to.

Integration: is when it all comes together into a final plan for you. What aspects of your life are you happy with and which aspects would you like to optimise and develop? The Integration plans start with simple, easy-to-do next steps, but also for many people this will define future goal setting, career shifts and retirement planning.



Start the program by setting your goals

Goal 1
Goal 2
Goal 3

Capture Your Sparks and Jolts Here

Sparks are lightbulb moments you get along the way, and Jolts are wake-up calls where you realise something big in your life needs major attention. As you work through the Life Design program, thoughts will spring to mind triggered by each of the exercises. Capture them here when they are ‘fresh’ thoughts. You can revisit them at the end of the program to ensure your action plan addresses them. Hit the submit button to save them.

Sparks = Lightbulb moments

What was the trigger ?

What should I do about it?

Trigger What should I doAction

Jolts = Life-changing thoughts

What was the trigger ?

What should I do about it?

Trigger What should I doAction


Life Design works best when you follow the steps in order. Click on Step 1 Life Line in the Life Design navigator below to get started.



Define who you are and what matters to you



Develop your compass and define your work and personal priorities



Build 1 year and milestone forward life plans

Save and Submit

The Life Design portal will build step by step for you. Complete each parts of the exercise and on the last page of each step click on the red 'Save and Submit' button. It is important to do this so that all your inputs are saved and submitted, if you navigate away from the tool without doing this, your inputs will be lost . Once submitted you can go back into the tool at any time by clicking on the Life Design Summary link on the right of the screen and re-edit and re-submit your answers.


Your Life Design journey will lead you to add information about your life into to the portal. We know and appreciate that you will want to keep this information private. Syntegrate is committed to treating personal information we collect in accordance with the Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act 1988.

The data that you input into the life design portal is stored securely and is not visible to other users.

Syntegrate may at times use data from the life design portal for research and design purposes, however, this information will be extracted at an aggregated level and will never be used in any format that is directly identifiable to you as an individual.