What is the Life Design Summary?

You will find all completed tools in the Life Design Summary. It is your go-to place for everything. You can download PDFs of your completed tools, or edit completed work there.

What resources will I need to complete the program?

You can complete the program online with no other resources. However, you might benefit from having three resources:
1. A pen and notebook or Life Design Journal to jot any notes into
2. A folder on your computer where you can download and store PDFs of the completed tools
3. Any diaries or reminders of key events in your life.

How much time do I need to complete the Syntegrate Portal?

Most people will need at least an hour for each step, and up to three hours for the Life Line.
There are ten steps in the Portal. At an average of one hour per step, the minimum would be ten hours. However, we find that most people complete it in stages over a few weeks and take more than the average hour per step. Everyone completes their Life Design program in a unique way. Some push through to complete it as quickly as possible, some ponder over various steps for a long time.

How long should it take me to do each step?

Each step will take at least an hour. Some steps take longer than others and Life Designers report anything from 10 hours upwards to complete Life Design. Many Life Designers do go back and tweak their design again and again.

Is it best to work intensively over a couple of weeks or is it best to take a break between sections and spread the journey out over sixty days?

Every Life Designer will experience the Life Design process differently: Life Design should be done your way. We believe the optimum time is between 3 weeks and 60 days. You might choose to do two to three tools a week for paced learning, or you may choose to set a particular time to work on it each day or each week.

Can I revisit and amend sections I have completed?

All steps in the Portal can be revisited and amended. You will find your completed steps in the Life Design Summary.

When I return to the Portal after a break, how do I find out where I was?

Go to the Life Design Summary to find your completed steps, or you can navigate from the navigator on the home page or the right of any page on the Portal.

How can I involve my friends and loved ones in the process?

We recommend that you ask others for feedback wherever it will enhance your Life Design process. Some have sent out messages for support, ideas and confirmation of their thinking to friends, colleagues and family when they are stuck (for instance, trying to define their ‘gifts’). Others have had meetings with people they trust to help them to create their Best Life Design. Do the Portal your way.

Can I share my program results electronically?

You can save your PDFs and then share them. We recommend keeping a folder on your computer with your completed tools in PDF form for easy reference.

Can I export my life design as a work in progress and at the end?

Each completed step will result in a PDF that is stored in the Life Design Summary. You can export these PDFS. We recommend that you save them into a folder on your computer for reference during the Life Design process and for later.

I am having technical problems. What should I do?

Contact info@syntegrate.co
We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible but certainly within 48 hours.

If I am stuck on one section, what can I do?

Read the information on that section, watch the video, and stop and think. If you need help you can contact us via private message on the Facebook page, or book a coaching session.

Can I extend the time I have access to the Portal after my first three months?

At the end of the 3 months access to the Portal you will have an option to extend your access to the through a membership which can be stopped at any time. An invitation to take up membership will be sent to you before the three months is up. This will allow you continued access to tweak and hone your Life Design online if you are a member.