Gill McLaren’s own Life Design and Life Fingerprint discoveries.

Intro to Life Design.

What to expect from Life Design.

An overview of what makes up Life Design - 6 Steps, 10 Discovery Tools and your Unique Life Fingerprint™.

How do you spot Sparks and Jolts?

Step 1 – Life Line: how do you discover patterns and trends?

Step 2 – Values: how do I prioritise and choose my most important values?

Step 3 – Discovering and defining your Strengths.

Step 4 – Strengths: how to decide what my top strengths are.

Step 5 – A deeper look at classifying your Energy Sources.

Step 6 – I’m getting stuck on my Gifts. How do I define them?

Step 7 – What role does inspiration play in Life Design? How do I best capture what inspires me?

Step 8 & 10 – Setting Life Integration goals and shifting from a compartmentalised to integrated life plan.

Step 9 – The Life Design challenge of looking into your Biography and Autobiography.

Life Fingerprint reflective learning.

Life Design’s evolution so far. Where next? Let us know what you’d like to see.

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