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At Planet Rescue Earth, our greatest primary task is to make energy affordable for everyone. Solar Farms are producing energy from a remarkably abundant energy source

One Mission for all

Energy is free, compliments of our sun. But capturing and converting this energy source costs money.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – Lao Tzu

People are not getting the affordable energy they can, with many consumers spending 20% of their income on their electric bill. The benefits of harnessing this energy are not only favorable for the environment, but entirely within our reach. Our greatest primary task at Planet Rescue Earth is to harness this extremely abundant energy source and make it affordable for everyone.



A Solar Powered United States.

How much does it cost to build?

Current solar field construction costs

The rule of thumb for commercial grade solar farms is one half million dollars per acre ($500,000). At Planet Rescue Earth, we hope to significantly decrease this cost by using our own team of engineers and construction experts. All calculations on this website will use the half-million dollar construction figure to provide the details of what is required to complete this project.

The current break-even point for solar installations is 8-years. As each solar field generates income, the gains will be re-invested into building more solar fields.

Many for-profit companies are getting heavily into the renewable energy market. The reason is simple, PROFIT.

By completing our mission of building massive solar fields in the deserts of the southwest United States, not only do we make a HUGE step towards reducing carbon emissions from coal and natural gas electric plants, we are converting free energy from the sun and providing extremely low cost electricity for all future generations.

What are the environmental impacts?

At Planet Rescue Earth our largest concern is loss of natural desert habitat. It is hard to imagine that miles of unused, sunbaked sand would hold much life, but this is not the case. Plant life, reptilian life, and migratory bird patterns are all things of concern. We are working closely with desert biologists in these areas to minimize the impact.

The major portion of environmental issues is found in the manufacturing processes that create the solar panels. The article below, published by the Union of Concerned Scientists, goes into more specifics.

How much land is required?

The amount of land needed to power the entire United States equates to approximately 21,250 square miles of desert. While this seems astronomical, it is
by comparison to the total landmass of the U.S., about one half of one percent of total land mass.

The Google map below gives a better idea of what is needed. It is important to
note; however, that solar fields would be required to be spaced out across the
southwest due to national security concerns.

Total cost of construction:
20,000 square miles = 12,800,000 acres
12,800,000 acres @ 0.5 million per acre

$6.4 Trillion Dollars

This is a huge amount of money considering the US federal budget is roughly
$4.4 Trillion per year.

This project will take 20-30 years to complete. As we build the first few thousand acres together, then the revenues (profit) these fields generate help pay for more solar fields just by us paying our electric bills. The snowball effect will continue until completion at which time electricity bills only need to pay to maintain/replace equipment. Energy is free, capturing it and converting it to electricity costs money. We owe this to our future generations and their environment.

Bottom Line – It will cost each of us around $50/month to complete the project in 20-years

At what point is electricity free?

Massive solar projects are already beginning in the southwest deserts. The Los Angeles Times article below outlines a new project in Nevada that will feed electricity to the power company owned by billionaire Warren Buffett. Tesla’s billionaire Elon Musk has also expressed interest in massive solar projects.

Each acre of a solar field generates an average of $30,000 profit per year (conservative estimate). If we can sustain a ten thousand acre build rate each year, then the vastness of this project begins to make sense.

2021 – 10,000 acres = $300 million (this builds another 600 acre solar field)
2022 – 20,600 acres = $618 million dollars (another 1236 acre solar field)
2023 – 31,836 acres = $955 million dollars (another 1910 acre solar field)
2024 – 43,746 acres = $1.31 billion dollars (another 2620 acre solar field)
2025 – 56,366 acres = $1.69 billion dollars (another 3380 acre solar field)
2026 – 69,746 acres = $2.09 billion dollars (another 4180 acre solar field)
2027 – 83,926 acres = $2.51 billion dollars (another 5020 acre solar field)
2028 – 98,946 acres = $2.96 billion dollars (another 5920 acre solar field)
2029 – 114,866 acre = $3.44 billion dollars (another 6880 acre solar field)
2030 – 131,746 acre = $3.95 billion dollars (another 7900 acre solar field)
2031 – 149,646 acre = $4.48 billion dollars (another 8960 acre solar field)
2032 – 168,606 acre = $5.05 billion dollars (another 10,100 acre solar field)
2033 – 188,706 acre = $5.66 billion dollars (another 11,320 acre solar field)
2034 – 210,026 acre = $6.30 billion dollars (another 12,600 acre solar field)
2035 – 232,626 acre = $6.97 billion dollars (another 13,940 acre solar field)
2036 – 256,566 acre = $7.69 billion dollars (another 15,380 acre solar field)
2037 – 281,946 acre = $8.45 billion dollars (another 16,900 acre solar field)
2038 – 308,846 acre = $9.26 billion dollars (another 18,520 acre solar field)
2039 – 337,366 acre = $10.12 billion dollars (another 20,240 acre solar field)
2040 – 367,606 acre = $11.02 billion dollars (another 22,040 acre solar field)


No further investment needed to sustain growth for next 10 years

30 years to completely free electricity while minimizing global

The Plan to Save Earth


Develop A Solor Farm

We need funding to secure suitable land, acquire construction bids, and obtain equipment to construct our solar farms.


Supply Power to Grids

After final installation, We will produce the power & and will sell power to the grids. The extra production of the power will help to reduce the price.


Generate and Save

We will generate revenue from our first project & will save this money to contribute in our next projects.


Invest & Develop More

We want to increase solar conversion energy efficiently, for this we need funds. So let’s start investing together to make energy free for every one.

   The Benfits

  • Energy from solar farms lowers energy costs and are more affordable.
  • Gain energy independence- gives more freedom and control.
  • Qualify for Tax Breaks- the availability of federal, state, and local tax breaks are abundant.
  • The federal solar tax credit gives you dollar for dollar reduction against your federal income tax.
  • Technology development – by continued pursuit of solar technology efficacy.
  • Costs will continue to Fall- costs have already fallen 70% in the last decade.
  • important aspects to consider is a lack of noise pollution, as solar production is quiet.

Start investing today for your future

Join Planet Rescue Earth is to harness this extremely abundant energy source and make it affordable for everyone.The
world needs relief, with your help and attention, together we will become agents of change.

World’s Largest Solar Farm Will Generate Enough Electricity to Power 320,000 Households



First Solar sites around the world are allocation funds specifically for solar farm development 


Developing this project will have positive outcomes with collaborative efforts with electric companies. Our solar farm will show how solar farming technology is completely functional and cost effective. Our aim is to showcase the story of how our solar farms turn sunlight into energy as a future educational component in school classrooms.

A Letter from the Board

Letter from the Board the view of the person behind the project we are the project, I am a member of the board

Rescue Planet Earth is a 5013c private organization whose mission is to provide electricity free to all United States citizens. ESTABLISH MISSION STATEMENT.

We achieve this mission via two main endeavors… building massive solar farms in our Southwest deserts and selling the stored energy to the grid; and use the profit gain to reinvest in building more solar fields. …. until a tiltoff point is reached and there is no further investment needed to sustain growth/ attainability. OUTLINE OUR COMPANY STORY

The inception of Rescue Planet Earth will…

Beneath photo of Dr. TC:
I’m an Army brat, Country cat, Fishing fat, Guitar hat, and Solar bat. I grew up in the marshlands around Shreveport. The natural world around Haughton was a place of freedom and happiness in my youth … describe natural fauna descriptively feathery dandelion seeds still smell of my brother’s (EXACT brand name) deodorant preceding him. I developed a love for being outside and for protecting the natural earth… yadda yadda… REVEAL HOW YOU’VE EVOLVED

After graduating in __1906, I joined/ managed a chiropractor. __years later, I lectured a&p college… my interest in solar began… EXPLAIN YOUR AHA! MOMENT

I am honored and humbled to serve as your PRE board and project secretary (me) CITE examples of WHO you’ve SERVED. EXPLAIN who we WILL serve

We are also working collectively to incorporate EXPLAIN WHAT WE’RE OFFERING THEM… This campaign calling for massive solar farms coincides with other solar projects already starting out in the American SW, such as those undertaken by Warren Buffet, Elon Musk

Together we can have a great, earth-changing impact. Topics we will explore as we venture forward, among others… DESCRIBE OUR VALUES Because we feel it’s critical to establish an important precedent for others who might contemplate similar work, but who, upon learning of our experiences, are dissuaded from doing so for fear or not enough wherewithal to muster too big a challenge and too big an undertaking You have the full support, commitment, and mutual accountability of the board.  among other mission-critical work, conservation, buying the land…

~Yours Faithfully

​Dr. Thomas Crawfrod


World’s Largest Solar Farm Will Generate Enough Electricity to Power 320,000 Households

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