That’s Even Worse: Marriage Or Browsing Jail?

Texas guy Given Sentence By Judge: Get Married, Or choose Jail

More than various men have been recognized to jokingly call their particular wives “the ol’ baseball and chain,” or perhaps mocked a bit by their own bachelor party friends for appreciating their own “last day’s independence.”

In the case of a Tx guy though, it had been the opposite: marriage was actually a get-out-of-jail-free credit.

This is where circumstances got strange. The judge, Randall Lee Rogers, supplied Bundy a selection that seems straight out of a sitcom: the guy may go to prison for 15 days, which probably would have price Bundy their work. Or, he might take a couple of years of probation, with two noteworthy circumstances: As part of their probation, he’d need to copy around Bible verses every single day, and even more importantly, get married within 30 days.

Bundy made a decision to get married their 19-year-old girl, Elizabeth Jaynes, despite the possible unconstitutionality with the sentence. 

The bride’s pops informed CNN he was “really disappointed,” and is also searching for their choices to try and get the sentence overturned. Bundy’s now-wife, Jaynes, told regional section KLTV that she failed to feel dissapointed about the specific choice for married, but that “it decided we had beenn’t will be able to experience the wedding we wished.”

They’d a hastily organized wedding at courthouse, which means that Bundy stayed regarding prison, and published the image below to myspace.

Congratulations (?) to the newlyweds.

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