Want to understand the sources of your Energy?

We all have people and situations that give us energy or take energy away.

Energy is the source of action, positive or negative, so it’s important to understand the sources of energy for us so we can keep ourselves topped up with positive energy and avoid situations or people that zap our energy.

Imagine there are three types of energy sources or energy drains:

1. Energy Givers

People that when you are with them you feel a spark of enthusiasm, inspiration and you know you do more exciting things, or think more, learn more in their company

What are the places and activities that give you energy, is it a walk near the ocean? walking in a forest ? watching a TED talk or the buzz of the city ? Physical spaces and environments have a big impact on our energy.

2. Energy Sloths

People that when you are with them you gossip more or don’t do anything new, it’s ok to be around these people, but don’t do it for too long or you will feel your energy slowly ebbing away.

Places that can be sloth like could be in front of the TV or social media for too long.

3. Energy Vampires

People that when you are with them you feel your energy being drained, because they are negative and glass half full, they tend to dwell on negatives , they tend to talk about themselves, at work it could be a boss or colleague with endless requests for work but no thanks…

Places and activities can be a job that you don’t like, or tasks you hate doing. The answer here is to have a rethink ..or if it’s a task outsource it to someone it gives energy to.

4. Energy Exercise.

So if you like the idea of defining and managing your energy levels try the following simple exercise out for yourself. Take a piece of paper and make a list of the people and places that are your Energy Givers, Energy Sloths and Energy Vampires. Hopefully some sparks of inspiration will come through from your list. What people or places give you energy? are you finding enough time for them? Who or what are your energy zappers? how do you reduce time spent with these people or activities so you can release that time back to the Energy givers? Decide on the top 3 things you’d like to change then ….just do it!

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